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Winter Deck Care

Winter Deck Care

Decks, by and large, remain forgotten and unused in the winter. After all, when the weather’s cold, you won’t be out catching rays, cooking up burgers, or enjoying the breeze on your deck. It is vitally important, however, to engage in a little winter deck care during the colder months. The majority of damage we see on decks will accumulate through the cold part of the year, usually caused by snow and general homeowner negligence.

Fear not friends; we’ve got a few quick tips and best practices for keeping your deck in good shape through the winter! That way, when the warmer weather (finally!) hits, you’ll get to enjoy a deck in great condition.

Clean Your Deck Thoroughly

Dirt, mold, algae, moss and mildew accumulate on your deck over the colder months. Not only can this ruin your deck’s appearance, it also can ruin and crack/split the wood itself.

Be sure, at the end of winter, to clean your deck using wood-specific cleaners. Many of these cleaners are extremely easy to use – just attach the applicator to your hose, coat the deck, then spray it off and let it air dry.

A good cleaning is a great first step towards sufficient deck care!

Treat your deck

Water repellent and sealant are great products to apply to your deck to protect it from the elements of a cold winter. These come in a huge variety of brands, styles, and colors, so don’t be afraid to do a bit of remodeling while you’re taking care of your deck! As we detail below, keeping your deck sealed and as water-proof as possible is key to keeping it in great shape over the winter.

Do not let debris accumulate on the deck

Your deck needs to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. Keep in mind that your deck is predominately a flat surface – meaning that it can and will accumulate leaves, branches, acorns, pinecones and more throughout the winter months. Leaving this buildup of debris on your deck can cause problems during snowstorms and ice storms, as it gives the precipitation a suitable base to pile up on. A little bit of deck care and cleaning goes a long way!

Shovel the snow as soon as possible after a storm

If you follow the instructions above, this will be a much easier task. We’ve haven’t seen any snowfall this year yet, but it’s coming! Shoveling the snow off ASAP is a crucial step for keeping your deck in great shape through the storms.

When snow sits heavy on your deck, it will weigh it down significantly over time. During the day, the snow will melt somewhat and drain (if your deck is cleared!). Untreated and unsealed wood will absorb some of this moisture, only to have it freeze at night and expand. Both weight and water on your deck can cause severe damage over time.

As most Richmonders know – the weather here is anything but easily predictable. Next time we get a warm spell, be sure to follow the tips in this blog! Be ready for the next storm. Keep in mind, while some of these tips are specific to winter, some are good practices year-round. Get started on your maintenance today!

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