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Frequently Asked Questions


You have questions, we have answers! See below for our answers to your most frequently asked questions!

Q: What is the process to receive an estimate?

A: You can either call, e-mail or fill out a form online to let us know that you are interested in receiving an estimate. We will set up a date and time to come by to meet with you (we schedule our estimates Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm). We handle the majority of our estimates with a 2-appointment process. This gives us time to put together a detailed custom proposal for your project. When it comes to working on your home, we take our time and do things the right way…our estimating process is no different. During the initial appointment, we will ask some questions, talk to you for a few minutes to get an idea of what you have in mind and take the necessary measurements. When we come back for the second appointment, we will go over our proposal and the options that we can provide for your project. We will answer any questions you may have, but will not overstay our welcome. We give our best price up front. No pricing gimmicks or sales games & we never use high-pressure sales tactics to make you commit to a project.

Q: Does Lonestar Siding & Windows offer siding repairs?

A: Yes! As of 2023, we’ve expanded our capabilities and service offerings to include siding repairs to homeowners throughout Central Virginia. Wood, Vinyl, Hardieplank, LPSmartside, Shake… you name it, we’ll repair it!

We’ll be the first to tell you that if you’ve just got a board or two loose, you might be better suited with a (well-vetted and certified) handyman to get the job done.

However, for extensive damage and big repair jobs, or as an add-on while we’re taking care of other home exterior improvement projects… Lonestar Siding & Windows is the perfect fit for siding repair.

Q: What type of window can I get for $200?

A: While there are some window companies out there that advertise replacement windows for under $200, most do not actually charge the amount they advertise. This is a gimmick to get their salesperson into your home to talk you into a more expensive window. Windows in the $200 range are ‘band-aid’ windows that will need to be replaced again in the near future. There are several reasons for this, which may include inferior products or questionable installation practices and/or warranties. We do not sell any windows for $200 because we are not willing to compromise our values by using poor quality windows and/or the cheapest installers we could find. We offer our customers top quality products and installation at a very fair price.

While the $200 window is not a good investment, neither is a $1200 window. The high priced windows are probably good windows that will perform well. They are probably installed properly with a good warranty. The companies that sell high priced windows have a lot of overhead, forcing their customers to pay for their large advertising budgets and sales commissions. The best value is finding a top quality window, installed by a reputable company that cares about its customers and looks to build long term relationships; a company that has been around a while and that will be around in the future for a service call or more home improvements.

Q: Should I replace my windows before the siding or vice versa?

A: Ideally, it is best to do both projects at the same time, but you can do either project first if you cannot do them simultaneously. If you decide to replace your windows first, there are no issues. If you decide to replace your siding and trim first, you should not “wrap” your exterior window trim (sill and casing). We install our replacement windows from the outside of the home and if the exterior of the existing wood windows is already covered with trim, we have to remove it and redo it to install the new windows.

Q: Do you clean up and dispose of all trash, debris, old windows, etc?

A: Yes, we are sticklers about cleaning up and leaving your home the same way we found it. We are also as careful as possible around flowers, landscaping, etc. The bottom line is that we respect your property and treat it accordingly.

Q: Why do some siding/window companies require down payments?

A: Some remodeling companies are not established enough to be able to purchase the materials without a down payment. Some companies are not honest: they are very good at taking deposits and not so good at following through with the project. And yet some other companies require down payments because the material is “specially ordered” for each project. While this is often very true, we do not think it is fair to require money up front before we have done any work. This is why our customers do not pay a dime until the project has started!

Not So Frequently Asked Questions?

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