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A Heat Wave Approaches! Hide Your Wallet!

A Heat Wave Approaches! Hide Your Wallet!

Spring is here, and that means that in the coming months, the hottest temperatures of the year will bake Virginia… and all the homes in it. We’re This is the kind of heat that will make you sweat… and will make your wallet shiver in fear! We’ve got some tips for beating this heat, though, without beating up your bank account.

Beat the Heat!

Keep it cool with the tips below from Lonestar Siding and Windows!

Keep The Fans Running!

Although fans use a good amount of electricity, they can actually ease the burden on your AC unit. If you’ve got good enough air circulation, the room can actually feel up to 4 degrees cooler – meaning you can turn your thermostat up 4 degrees and feel the same while saving some dough.

Shade Your Home!

Anything that lets the sun in to your home will increase the temperature significantly – so when you’re cool enough, close the blinds, pull your shades, block out the skylight, and shut the doors to your sun room. You’ll reduce the stress on your air conditioner big time.

If It’s An Appliance That Creates Heat, It’ll Raise The Temperature In Your Home.

The dryer and the stove and the oven are the big culprits in this category. Each one of these appliances create enough heat to raise the temperature in your home – so run them when it’s cool enough outside (Dusk, Dawn, and Dark) that it won’t cause any unwanted temperature fluctuations.

The Garage Lets In More Than Just Your Car!

This might seem like common sense to a lot of people, but drive around your neighborhood and you’ll see that most people don’t know this: keeping your garage door open will dramatically raise the temperature in your home, even with the best insulation. So unless you’re pulling your car in or backing it out, keep that door closed!

When You Go On Vacation, Leave Your AC ON!

Many people think that it’s a good idea to turn off their AC unit when they leave town. This is mostly incorrect; you will save money by having it off for the duration of your trip, but most of that will be promptly spent when you return and want the temperature in your house back to normal. Not to mention, the number one cause for failures of AC units in the summer is overworking them – and nothing overworks them more then trying to take your house from 100 degrees to 73.

Instead of turning off the AC, simply turn it up! Instead of keeping it at 73, put it up 5-10 degrees – this will save big time on your bills while you’re gone, and when you come back, it’ll limit the stress on your AC unit.

Service Your AC Unit Regularly

This is what we like to call preventative maintenance. Most HVAC companies run tune-up specials in the fall and spring when their AC business is slower. The money you spend here will find it ways back into your pockets with friends soon enough.

Please Be Careful On Hot Days!

The heat in Virginia is no joke! While your focus might be on saving the most money possible, keep in mind that people can and often do suffer major health problems from this kind of heat. Please call for help if you feel the symptoms of overheating immediately, drink a lot of water, and stay cool!

We hope you find this blog helpful in preparing for this summer! Keep in mind that Lonestar has a ton of energy efficient cooling and temperature options that can help as well. Too learn more about them, get in touch! Give us a call at (804) 266-1717. or contact us online. Have a great spring!


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