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DIY and DDIY Before Summer 2021

DIY and DDIY Before Summer 2021

Summer is coming, it looks to be a normal one (at least compared to last year!). Soon you’ll be hosting your friends for barbecues and get togethers, and the itch to improve your home can be hard to resist! However, we advise you to take care. It can be hard to accurately assess your own craftsmanship abilities, and you can make some serious (meaning expensive) mistakes if you take on a project that’s too big for you. Below are some of the easier, do-it-yourself DIY projects we recommend… as well as related Don’t-do-it-yourself (DDIY) projects you should leave to the pros!


DIY: Pressure Wash Home Exterior
DDIY: Replace Your Siding

Storms. Sun. Heat. All of the elements teamed up to beat up on your home’s exterior over the summer, and it needs a good cleaning! Pressure washing before the Summer arrives is a great first step to preparing your home for the warmer months. It’s also a great task to undertake for the industrious homeowner.

However, if you’re noticing cracks, warping, or severe discoloration, it may be time to replace your siding altogether. That’s when you need to call in the pros – an amateur siding repair job can cost much more in the long run, so leave it to a certified siding installer!

DIY: Install a New Thermostat
DDIY: Install New Windows

Interested in your home being more energy efficient in the cold seasons? Install a new thermostat! This can sometimes be a little more advanced, but in most cases it’s plug and play. Follow the manual, have the right tools, and you’ll be well on your way to saving money this Fall.

Windows are a different story – you’ll need to call in the professionals. We’ve come across many, many amateur DIY window jobs in our time, and every single one of them was installed incorrectly in some way. Incorrect installations can cause the bills to be even higher than if you just kept the old window. Don’t do this yourself!

DIY: Clean Your Gutters
DDIY: Replace Your Gutters

No self-respecting DIY’er hire someone else to clean their gutters! It’s an easy job, though we do suggest that everyone spends the time and money to do it safely. Don’t take safety shortcuts!

Replacing your gutters entirely is a job that should only be undertaken by professionals. Improper gutter installs can cause flow problems or pooling. Pooled water can ruin your roof and your siding.

DIY: Caulk Doors
DDIY: Replace Your Doors

Noticing a draft? Bust out that caulk gun! Practical application of caulk on your doors can save a good chunk of change over the course of the year, as well as increase comfort in the home, and it’s an easy job.

However, don’t go overboard: replacing your door entirely isn’t so easy. In order to avoid drafts/alignment issues, the doors (or door frames) need to be fit to spec. Most homeowners don’t have the tools or experience to do this the right way – but we do.

DIY: Stain Your Deck
DDIY: Replace Your Deck

So long as you plan it correctly (avoiding the rain), staining your deck in the summer is a smart project. It takes a lot of work in the sun, but a job well done can provide ample protection for your deck throughout the course of the year.

You might be tempted to replace a couple of those warped or cracked boards yourself, but we’d advise caution! These can be indications that your deck is in trouble, and ignoring these indications can spell trouble for your deck in the long run.

Do Things the Right Way

Your primary focus should always be on making sure the job is done right – whether you’re doing it, or someone else is. There many Summer DIY projects you can tackle, but some you can’t. Don’t take shortcuts to save money – know when to call the pros to get the job done.

We’re able to help with all of the DDIY tasks above, so if you want any of these projects completed? Give us a call at 804-266-1717, contact us online, or send us a message on Facebook. We’ll be happy to be your partner on any of these projects!


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