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Joanne Randolph
Joanne Randolph
18:44 14 Jun 19
Excellent customer service! The original work and crew were fantastic. And even several years later, they still stand behind their work and have fixed a couple minor issues with a simple phone call.read more
Cheryl Bland
Cheryl Bland
06:34 25 Apr 19
Lonestar replaced our windows. siding, gutters and built a new front porch for us with vinyl railings almost a year ago. They do excellent work! We couldn't be happier with them. When you call they answer or get back to you quickly. The crew were all well mannered, hard working and knowledgeable. The products are excellent quality too. Can't say enough good things about them! Highly recommend!read more
Deborah Parker
Deborah Parker
01:44 30 Mar 19
Lonestar recently replaced all of our windows and most of our siding. We also had our front porch and railings replaced as well as a portion of our roof and two skylights. They did an amazing job and were super neat and tidy. I can’t say enough nice things about Greg Paul and his team. I would absolutely use them for any future exterior projects. They were great!read more
Marc Peritz
Marc Peritz
03:22 26 Mar 19
Greg and his crew were the best to work with! Extremely professional and conscientious in their work, pricing was reasonable and the quality of work was outstanding. Would definitely use them for our next project.read more
Brian Dye
Brian Dye
15:33 13 Mar 19
Extremely professional, did an amazing job with the siding of our house as well as replacing rear screen door, helping replace the roofing on our addition. They worked very closely with us and electricians to help make the whole job go smoothly and seamlessly. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. Great communications as well. Highly recommend!read more
Bobby Saullo
Bobby Saullo
15:01 28 Sep 18
The house turned out awesome however getting was not to smooth. The workers were a little reckless. Also you have to pro active there is not a lot of communication with the workers and project manager. I'm still waiting for my meter box to be attached to my house almost a month now. Sorry I really like Greg and company but what right is right. They took care of all my issues. I would recommend Lonestar.read more
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Let’s face it: roof replacement is not something that anyone (aside from maybe us!) looks forward to.

However, it’s just part of owning a home. Even the sturdiest roofs will need to be replaced eventually. While certain shingles and materials last longer than others, there are no permanent roofs. It’s a job that needs to happen after a while, and we want to be your partner in getting it done!

Does My Roof Need Replacing?

If you’ve noticed visible issues with your roof, or maybe even a leak in your roof, give us a call! We will happily take a look at your roof to determine whether or not your roof needs a replacement. If your roof is damaged, it will need to be replaced immediately to prevent costly damage to the rest of your house. So how do you know if your roof needs replacement? Here are 5 signs:

  1. See the Light – Go up to your attic and turn off the lights. If there are any beams of light shining through the ceiling, it’s time to consider replacing the roof. While you’re there, check the insulation for moisture. If it’s damp, you’ve got a leak somewhere.
  2. Check the Shingles – Take a walk around the house and take a look at the roof. See if any of your shingles are curling or buckling, especially in the areas that are more often exposed to direct sunlight. Take a look in the valleys of the shingling and check for missing or damaged shingles – these are crucial for proper drainage. If you see any missing shingles anywhere, it indicates that your roof is either past its life expectancy or is damaged.
  3. Gutter check– When shingles age, they start to lose their structural integrity. Check your gutters for any bits and pieces of your shingles – this indicates that your roof’s life expectancy is near or past.
  4. Check the Chimney – If the metal panels at the base of the chimney stack are covered in tar, it’s time to have them replaced with a water-tight solution
  5. What’s the Birth Date? – If you haven’t replaced your shingles in the last 20-25 years, it’s time for a new roof, whether or not there is any damage yet. An expired roof is a home insurance claim waiting to happen.

If your roof exhibits any of these symptoms, it’s time to consider roof replacement options. Lonestar would be happy to help!

Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can replace your roof! We do things different, and we appreciate the opportunity! You’ll soon find out why we say that our business is all about “Home Exteriors Done Right!”

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