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While folks throughout the Richmond area can call themselves lucky for living in an area that doesn’t usually get intense storm activity, we’re not quite out of the woods entirely! Even regular seasonal weather can cause serious damage to your roof over time, and you may find yourself in need of roof repair before long!

Roof Replacement Services in the Richmond Area

When you find yourself looking at a hole in your roof, or leakage, or maybe just missing shingles, it’s time to look into roof repair. The sooner you get it done the better! Throwing a tarp over it just won’t do the trick for long, and every day that the damage goes unfixed presents a higher chance that the damage will spread.

Don’t let that happen to your home!

What makes Roof Repair from Lonestar Different?

We call it the Lonestar Approach, and it’s just how we do business. We don’t believe in high pressure sales tactics, dishonest pricing, or doing anything less than a perfect job on your project. In fact, we don’t ask for a dime before the job is done to your satisfaction. So how does the process work? It’s simple!

  • Identify damage (here’s a list of things to look for!)
  • Contact us ASAP!
  • We’ll come out, take a look at the damage, and do some research on replacement materials.
  • We’ll generate a FREE quote for your project!
  • Let us know when you’re ready
  • We’ll fix it, to your satisfaction, before you pay a dime!

We know – nobody enjoys having their roof repaired. We’re here to make the process as painless as possible, and we would love the opportunity to be your partner on getting the job done!

Get in touch for a free quote on roof repairs from Lonestar! Let us show you what we mean when we say that Lonestar Siding and Windows is all about “Home Exteriors Done Right!” We’ll take care of the rest!

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