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If you’re looking for a way to enjoy your deck or back yard while still having some cover from the elements, a pergola is the answer! Pergolas are an aesthetically pleasing open-concept blend of gazebo and sunroom, as well as a perfect blend of form and function. The master contractors at Lonestar are excited to see more and more of these being built each year, and we’re happy to lend our expertise on installing these beautiful structures on your deck, patio, or in your backyard!

The Best Way to Enjoy Richmond's Springs and Summers

Pergolas are rising in popularity throughout the Richmond area every year, and it’s not hard to see why. On top of their beauty, they have a ton of uses! Whether you’re looking for some shade from the sun, want some cover for your barbecue grilling area, want a place to lay and soak up the cool Richmond breeze, want a place for your garden to grow that has a nice mix of sun and shade, or somewhere to read a book on those warm summer nights, pergolas offer it all.

Pergolas by Lonestar

Lonestar custom installs pergolas on patios, porches and decks with ease. The pergolas are bolted securely onto the existing structure, and when combined with their open-concept design, are barely affected by the wind on those blustery days.

We work closely with our suppliers on providing you with the very best options in everything home exterior related – and pergolas are certainly no exception. Each pergola is custom built, with the maximum length of an individual size being 16 feet. Additionally, the heavy gauge aluminium that our pergolas are built from is maintenance free and available in a multitude of colors to fit your home’s theme.

Retractable Canopies

We proudly offer amazing upgrades, such as retractable canopies by Aristocrat that can make these beautiful installations even more functional. The retractable canopies feature a rubberized top fabric for durability and waterproofing purposes and a decorative underside (with tons of colors and styles) to create a better aesthetic. These canopies, which are offered in both manual and motorized variants, are designed with a slight slope to allow water to drain off of your pergola’s roof. We are happy to install these canopies on your brand new or existing pergola!

Retractable Side Shades

Lonestar’s pergolas are also available with retractable side shades that can be installed on multiple sides of the pergola to offer effective light shielding options, regardless of where the sun is shining! We are able to install these incredibly useful shades on both new and old pergolas.

Take note: if you’re looking for the rustic look that only real wood can provide, we’re able to do that too!

Pergolas Gallery

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