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Unless you have awnings over your porch, there is a good chance the hot Richmond, VA sun is going to chase you off your deck. As temperatures rise, glare and heat can force you inside on summer afternoons–no matter how much sweet tea you have!

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings from Lonestar let you enjoy the outdoors on even the warmest days. Not only will the fabric awnings block the sun’s heat outside, the awnings will also improve indoor spaces by saving money on air conditioning bills and protecting carpets, drapery and upholstery from the UV rays that cause fading. With over 200 fabric choices in solids, stripes and prints there’s sure to be a color and pattern that will compliment your outdoor living space and enhance your home’s value. Mold and mildew resistant fabrics won’t shrink or rot, preventing costly replacement.

When choosing an awning, it’s important to look for a quality product and quality installation. Every Lonestar Awning is custom configured to meet your specific needs and tastes. This assures that the awning will properly fit the space and add to the aesthetics of the home.

Click here to see some of our available fabric colors. (May take a few moments to load.)

Push-button convenience is yours with options like electric motors and remote controls. There’s even a Sun and Wind Control sensor option that measures the amount of sun exposure and triggers automatic projection and retraction depending on the exposure sensed. Leaving the awning unattended on breezy days is risk-free with the Wind Control sensor that retracts the awning if the wind should pick up. Even the basic hand-crank models are simple to use offering easy one-hand operation thanks to gears that do almost all of the work.

In addition to retractable awnings for decks, we also offer retractable canopies and exterior solar shades.

Retractable Canopies


Retractable canopies are versatile shading structures that match your home décor to create a comfortable outdoor space. They provide shelter from the sun and rain whenever you need it and can be installed anywhere – freestanding, mounted to a wall or beneath your pergola. Ideal to cover verandas, terraces, and roof gardens, retractable canopies can also provide shade around your pool or spa and give you the atmosphere you need for entertaining.”

Solar Shades

The most efficient way to block the heat of the sun is from the outside, BEFORE it has a chance to heat the window glass! Solar Shades from Lonestar can add privacy and block the sun’s heat while still providing visibility to the outside. In addition to the motorized options, there are hundreds of color and pattern options to insure that your solar shades compliment your home’s exterior appearance.

Awnings Gallery

Lonestar has been helping Richmond home owners make their homes more comfortable, energy efficient, and attractive with new awnings and solar shades since 1978. We’d love for your home to be next!

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