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Home Improvement Material and Labor Prices are rising… ours are not!

First and foremost… we hope everyone’s doing well and staying healthy! This pandemic has thrown the whole world for a loop. Though it seems to be winding down now… the long term impact is still being felt. If you’ve gotten any quotes recently for home improvement projects, you might notice they’re much higher than you expected. Unfortunately… that’s not just contractors being opportunistic. Demand (and therefore) prices for materials and labor have skyrocketed over the last few quarters. Most contractors are simply passing along the increased expenses to their clients… but not Lonestar!  

Material and Labor Costs Rising

So why are prices suddenly so high? Long story short, supply chain disruptions as a result of the pandemic, coupled with increased demand for home improvements by a home-bound population has led to a historic shortage on building materials (wood, vinyl, copper, and steel, to name a few). Additionally, with demand so high, competent contracting crews are incredibly busy. 

It’s been a perfect storm for homeowners looking to have improvements done on their house.

How is Lonestar Responding?

Lonestar Siding & Windows earns its reputation with hard work. We use the best materials, approach business in a way that sets us apart from other contractors. Truth be told, we’re just not the “discount/coupon code/low prices this weekend only” type of outfit, and that’s not changing any time soon.

That said – we do have an opportunity for our previous customers and potential future clients. We are not currently increasing our prices or quotes at this time. What does that mean for you? It means that you’ll get the same unmatched work and home improvement experience that you’ve come to expect from Lonestar… for not a dollar more than last year. 

The only disruption you’ll notice on your end at this point is the increased lead time before we’re able to start your project. We are extremely busy, and it takes time to do the type of work we’re proud of. We can’t control the market, and if prices keep going crazy, we may eventually have to respond. Which means this is a great time to book your home improvement work!

A Commitment to Doing Things the Right Way

Pandemics, historic material price surges, labor shortages… things haven’t exactly been calm in the Home Improvement industry. One thing that will never change, however, is our commitment to doing things the right way.

We’d love to partner with you on your next home improvement project. Give us a call at 804-266-1717, contact us online, or send us a message on Facebook.  Stay safe!



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