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Planning your Home Renovation for 2022

Crazy to think the first month of 2022 is already halfway over! This year has been rolling, and we’re excited for what comes next… including that next big home improvement project! So,  if you haven’t started planning your home renovation yet, how do you decide which project to tackle first? Check out our 4 step write-up and maybe you’ll find some clarification!

1 – Assess

Sit down with your partner and honestly assess your home’s situation. What is the biggest need? Do you need more space, or do you need to beautify existing space? Do you want to build a huge deck extension for having fun this summer, or is your old deck falling apart and needs to be replaced? Once you’ve identified what makes the most sense, it’s time to learn more about the project!

2 – Research

Hop online and do your research! You should be able to find a rough estimate of how much this project will cost, it’s completion time, the ROI you can expect, and most importantly… inspiration! Don’t be afraid to print off some pictures you find of projects you like – as a matter of fact, giving your contractor a visual representation of the look your going for can help big time when generating your quote. Read on!

3 – Gather Quotes

Do you due diligence, and gather multiple quotes – generally at least 3  or 4. Just make sure that the businesses you are dealing with are fully licensed, and check some reviews! Share the information you’ve gathered in steps 1 and 2 with your contractors, and give them time to prepare a proper quote. There will generally be some disparity in pricing and completion time-table. so be sure you get all the facts before making your decision, and get everything in writing!

4 – Get Started!

This is the easiest part! Sit back and relax as your trusted contractor takes care of your home improvement project!

Let’s get Started on Planning Your Home Renovation!

So, start with step one – and get in touch with us at step 3! Call us at 804-266-1717 or request a quote online. We’d be happy to partner with you to take care of your next big project in 2021.



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