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Lonestar Project Diary – The Pergola Job!

Lonestar Project Diary – The Pergola Job!


Welcome back to the Lonestar Project Diary! This entry will cover the construction of a pergola by Lonestar. We’re very proud of the job we did, and the customer loved it! Keep reading if you’re interested in how we got the job done.

Consultation – Needs Analysis, Proposal, Acceptance

After reaching out to us in mid-May of 2016, we headed out to our client to perform our initial consultation. He had a very clear idea of what he had in mind… he wanted a brand new pergola built onto his house! He sent over pictures of the working area and fully described the plans, so when we headed over there later that week, generating a quote for him was a breeze!

As with most of our customers, he was in the process of getting multiple quotes from multiple contractors. We don’t mind that one bit… in fact, we encourage it! We aren’t afraid to go head to head with anyone, because we know our reputation for the highest quality work wins out almost every time… which was the case here!

After a few weeks of consideration and comparison, he contracted with us to get his pergola built!

Step 1: Getting Started

In the last project diary, we detailed how the approval process with the county and various HOAs can sometimes be a very lengthy one. Fortunately, the HOA for our client was all over it, and approved our project within just a few days.

Once we had HOA approval, we immediately got to work! We special ordered the cedar brackets as soon as we heard the good news, since we know those would take several weeks to get in. Once we had those brackets in hand, we scheduled delivery of the other lumber material needed and a start date with the homeowner.

Step 2: Getting the Job Done

We began building the huge (34’ x 16’!) pergola on June 30th. While some think pergola construction is a quick and easy process, perfection takes time! It took 2 weeks to complete. We are very meticulous with these types of projects. Spacing, leveling, and overall attention to detail is what it takes to create a statement piece!

Step 3: Wrap Up

The homeowners couldn’t have been happier with the way their brand new pergola turned out! While we were done with the heavy lifting, we still aren’t quite done. This huge pergola still needs to be painted white before it will be completely finished, but it will be a little while before that can happen. As with all lumber that is going to be painted, stained or sealed, you must wait for the moisture content to be at an appropriate level if it is to be done right… and that’s what we’re all about!

We explained this to our customers and they understand that often, perfection takes time!

Want Us to Build You a Pergola? Get in Touch!

Interested in having Lonestar Siding and Windows build you a perfect pergola, like the one we built above? Get in touch! Feel free to call us anytime at (804) 266-1717 or simply fill out our online quote request form.

We offer 100% free in-home quotes at your convenience, and we have no interest in practicing high-pressure or strong arm sales tactics. Choosing Lonestar Means that you’ll don’t have to pay a cent until our work is complete to your 100% satisfaction. We look forward to speaking with you!


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