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The New Lonestar Home Improvement Website!

The New Lonestar Home Improvement Website!

Home improvement isn’t just for our clients! Sometimes, we need to improve how we look too. We no doubt, we’ve had a nice long run with our website. However, just like with your home, the time came to update and upgrade. We think you’ll like the change!

The New Lonestar Siding and Windows Website – Your Go-To For Home Improvement

Take a look around! We’ve added a ton of new functionality to the site. It should be much easier to navigate, display better for our mobile visitors, and most importantly… look a ton better! Our website wasn’t broken, but we wanted to fix it anyway. There’s a lesson here!

When it comes to anything – we think it’s better to be proactive. We wanted to improve the look and function of our website before it became a problem… and we think you should take the same approach to home improvement, as well!

When It Comes to Home Improvement, Just Because It Isn’t Broken, Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Fix it!

A home is more than just wood and nails and pipes. It’s where your heart is! You should love living in your home – and fix it if you don’t. If you aren’t completely happy with the way your home looks or the comforts and amenities it provides, we can help.

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We hope you like the improvement of our website! While we might have a new look… that doesn’t mean the award winning services and commitment to customer satisfaction that have made Lonestar Siding and Windows one of the best home improvement contractors in Richmond is going anywhere. The Lonestar Approach is here to stay!

If you’re ready for some home improvement of your own, get in touch with Lonestar. We’d love to be your partner in the process. Call us at 804-266-1717, contact us online, or send us a message on Facebook.

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