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Lonestar’s Fall RE-blog!

Lonestar’s Fall RE-blog!

Re-Projects for Fall!

Leaves will soon start to fall here in Richmond, VA… and that can only mean one thing: fall is coming! We’ve got a list of some good home improvement projects for you to consider this fall that might make you a bit more cozy this winter, and a bit more ready for next spring!


When you start seeing your breath during the morning walk out to your car, it’s time to consider changing the mood of the house a bit. Gone are the sweltering hot days of summer, so summer colors should go, too! Adding a bit of warm brown, red, orange and yellow will make your home look like it’s transitioning with the season. Get rid of those summer breeze and ocean spray candles – it’s time for pumpkin and apple spice! Coordinating the interior of your home with the exterior will give you a great sense of season.


Reclaim your sanity, time, Sundays and money this year by spending less time on your gutters. Leaves and other fall detritus can easily clog your gutters – which in the best case scenario, will cause you to miss that game-winning touchdown because you’re 30 feet up on a ladder. We all know what the worst case scenario is. Skip all that this year – install covered gutters that keep the water flowing freely off your house.


Roofs across Richmond took a beating this year, even without (thankfully) any severe tropical storms. Fall is the perfect time for a new roof, as the weather is much calmer and work slows down for contractors around the city. Replacing your roof is especially important if you’ve sustained damage over the course of the last year – a damaged roof can turn into a collapsed roof very quickly under the weight of snow!  If you find the repairs are too extensive, or the roof has just gotten too old, consider having them replaced.


The Fall is a great time to remodel the exterior of your home. Add those things you’ve always wanted – a deck, a porch, a sunroom, a stormroom, or a pergola! You might have to wait until next spring to get full use of these awesome home improvements, but getting this job done in the fall previous means it will be 100% ready when the time is right!


The front door is the most important portal into your sanctuary. Because it is usually the heaviest and most used, it’s important to replace it more often than the rest of your doors. If you’ve noticed that you still have a draft after sealing the house up tight, it’s usually because your front door has become misaligned or damaged – which leads to higher heating and energy costs. Replacing your front door with new, energy efficient options will keep you warm this winter – and it’s a great chance to change the look of your home.


There’s no question that you’ll be spending a lot of time in your house when it’s cold outside. Why not reinvigorate the room with natural light from skylights? Skylights are an excellent option for improving the aesthetic of the room! Additionally, the right skylight can actually lower your heating costs by letting in the light. Lonestar’s Velux skylights look great on any home.


The days are getting shorter and your home is getting less and less natural light. That’s why it’s even more important to let that light in! A huge bay window can liven up any room in your home with a beautiful panoramic view of your homestead and neighborhood.

Relax and Refresh

Fall is the time to recharge from the summer. Spend time with your friends and family in the warmth of your home. The most important home improvement job you can undertake is keeping yourself and everyone under your roof happy and healthy. Button up, because winter is coming!

If you’ve got any questions or want to get the most of your home this fall, contact us online, send us a message on Facebook, or give us a call at 804-266-1717!


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