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New Year’s Home Improvement Resolutions, Part I

New Year’s Home Improvement Resolutions, Part I

2024 is here, and that means it’s time to make your home improvement resolutions for the year! We’ve got a lot of resolutions to suggest, so we’ve broken this into two parts… one for before the new year, and one for after. You don’t have to choose to do all of these, or even any of them… the important part is this: that you’re improving your home and your life in general!

Ready to start improving? Let’s get into it!

This Year, I’ll…

The New Year is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. That’s why it’s such a great time to make some promises to yourself when it comes to home improvement! Say it with us  – “In 2024, I’ll”

Maintain My Property Better

A key part of enjoying the new year is being thankful for what you have. You work hard to keep a roof over your head, and you can honor that hard work by making a commitment to maintain your home and property better. Fix that creaking door, re-caulk that tub, put a fresh coat of paint on that wall. It’s time to knock out all of those little projects on the back burner that keep your home in great shape.

We’d also suggest having your home and appliances (HVAC system, etc.) inspected and serviced by professionals.

Not only will a promise to maintain your home make you more appreciative of what you have, but it will save you time and money in the long run.

Clean More Often

It’s easy during the cold, dark months of winter to relax your cleaning regimen a little bit. However, if you’re like most of us, a little bit turned into a lot around the holidays… and you’re looking at a mess!

Promise yourself that this year, you’ll clean your home more often. Spending 10, 15 minutes a day this winter keeping the house nice and tidy is far better than spending hours and hours in spring cleaning it back up.

Organize My Stuff

Study after study proves that a well-organized home is a happier home. Makes sense, right? When you’ve got your guest room serving as a storage room, your attic serving as a dumping zone, and boxes of random stuff everywhere… it’s not just an eyesore – it’s making you unhappy.

Commit to organizing your home this year. Buy organizational furniture (Shelves, coat/shoe racks, etc) and come up with a system that makes sense for you. You could even consider hiring a contractor to install some built-ins!

Turns out the old cliché “a place for everything and everything in its place” is actually pretty sound advice.

Save Money

Things were shaky economically in 2023, and the outlook for 2024 is more of the same. It’s a great time to save some money, and one of the ways you can do that when it comes to home improvement is by investing in energy-efficient windows and doors. That draft in your home when it’s cold out is more than just uncomfortable – it’s expensive!

Energy efficient windows and doors retain more heat inside and provide better insulation. That means your home will stay warmer naturally, which translates to a big drop on that Dominion Energy bill.

If spending less money and being more comfortable sounds good, we can help. Learn how on our Windows and Doors pages!

Upgrade My Home

It’s a great time to upgrade your home. We wrote about this very thing in our last blog – your dream home can be the home you’re living in now! With recent interest rate hikes and real estate uncertainty, buying or building that dream home just got a whole lot less affordable.

Don’t like how your siding looks? Let’s team up to replace it!

Always wanted a sunroom? Let’s build it!

Want to build a pergola in the back yard for when spring rolls back around? We can help!

Promise yourself that this year, you’ll knock out that home improvement project you’ve been dreaming about for years!

Make a Resolution to Make Your Home Better this Year!

It’s time to get better – and that starts with making the choice to do so. We can help with a number of these resolutions, and would love to work with you in 2024, so get in touch! You can take the first step towards a better home by contacting Lonestar online, shooting us a message on Facebook, or by calling us directly at 804-266-1717.

We hope you, your family, your loved ones, your friends, and everyone else has a great 2024, filled with fun, laughter, financial success and health. Have a great 2024!

– Bo Gray and The Team at Lonestar Siding & Windows


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