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Extending the Life of Your Deck

Extending the Life of Your Deck

With warmer weather in our immediate future, or so we all hope, it’s time to start looking ahead to using your deck for grilling, relaxing, and entertaining family and friends. Most decks have seen a harsh winter of snow, rain, and cold weather that hasn’t been kind to them. So what can you do to extend deck life and make it look like new?

Clean and Reseal the Wood

After a season of being pounded by bad weather, a good cleaning is probably in order for your deck. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, powerwashing and resealing your deck will help preserve the boards and help protect them against further rain and the coming heat of summer.

Stain Your Deck

Discoloration on wood decks happens, which is why staining on a yearly, or semi-yearly basis can help improve the look of your deck and grant it longer  lasting deck life. Stains are available in a variety of colors and can usually be applied in an afternoon, depending on the size of your deck. These days many stains include additives that help protect against mildew and make them water resistant, which adds another layer of protection.

Replace Damaged Boards

Rotting, warped boards are both unsightly and can compromise the rest of your deck if mold and mildew are allowed to spread from a single board to all of it. As soon as you see a damaged board take the time to replace it. Then, have it sealed and stained to match the rest of the boards. By doing this you can keep your deck looking new and help keep it safe to use.

Get a New Deck Life – Replace It!

If your deck has seen too much wear and tear, or if you just don’t think you can handle the regular upkeep of a wood deck, replacing it with one made from newer, synthetic materials is a good way to give yourself the deck you want without having to worry about many of the issues that arise from older styles. At Lonestar Siding & Windows, we recommend PVC decks from Aztek that are resistant to staining and splitting, as well as being impervious to termites and moisture damage. These decks are more durable and longer lasting than older materials, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the deck by yourself or with family and friends for years to come!


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