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DIY and DDIY – Summer 2022 Edition!

DIY and DDIY – Summer 2022 Edition!

Summer is officially here, and we know some of you are itching to get some work done around the house. Before you get started, take a look at some of the best (and worst) do it yourself projects you can take on this summer.

Do It Yourself: Deep Clean Your Siding

You don’t need to be a professional to give your siding a nice deep clean! There are a number of high-grade chemical siding cleaners out there you can use that will get the job done easy – and if you’re into more organic solutions, some plain old soap works too (with a little more elbow grease).

Just be sure you have a decently powered hose and good water pressure at your house as it will make the job much more efficient.

Don’t Do It Yourself: Replacing Your Own Siding

Siding is a different story altogether. While replacing that yellowing or warping siding panel may seem as easy as throwing a new coat on the wall, it’s anything but. Most modern siding is only to be installed by professional siding replacement experts (that’s us)!

Trying to replace your own siding can result in a myriad of issues, with mismatched colors being the least severe. DIY siding replacement can lead to more warped boards, bug infestation, loss of waterproofing and weatherproofing, and more.

We come across homes occasionally with DIY’ed siding replacement and the damage is always much worse (and ends up costing more) than if the homeowner just hired a contractor in the first place.

So please – don’t do this yourself – the Siding Replacement experts at Lonestar can help.

Do It Yourself: Wash Your Deck

Winter weather and the storms brought on by spring have done a number on your deck, and if you’re like most folks… the last time you cleaned it was about this time last year.. Well, now is the time. While you can outsource deck cleaning to a pressure washing company, most years you don’t need to. A stiff brush and some water mixed with a quality wood and deck cleaning solution is usually enough to do the job unless your deck is extremely soiled.

Pro tip here: if you have a small deck and don’t need anything else pressure washed, you can rent the right equipment to get the job done at your local hardware store.

Don’t Do It Yourself: Build or Repair Your Own Deck

The phrase that has doomed more DIY projects than any other is “How hard can this be?” The answer is – without the right tools, manpower, and expertise, it can be very hard… and this certainly applies to repairing or building a deck. Even if you’re handy with a circular saw, this project is most likely above your abilities.

Even if you manage to throw together something that looks alright – chances are, you missed something, and that’s the last thing you want on your mind when hanging out on your deck.

Lonestar no longer builds decks in the RVA area, but we certainly can provide a recommendation if you need it!

Do It Yourself: Repair/Replace Your Window Screens

When it comes to windows, window screens are an unsung hero. They provide far more protection to your windows than you might think – both from bugs and inclement weather. However, they’re made out of pliable aluminum and fiberglass, which means they’re not exactly damage proof.

After a while, they’ll become even more frail and start to rip/bend. Once this happens, the protection they granted your windows rapidly deteriorates…. and not to mention: they’ll look  absolutely terrible.

You can lend your window screens a little more time in the sun by cleaning them every year (head over here to learn how), but if they’re damaged in any way, we recommend replacing them. It’s not hard to do, and it’ll add years of life onto your windows themselves.

Don’t Do It Yourself: Repair or Replace Your Windows

Replacing windows is a task that many a DIY’er has tried and failed. There are tons of nuances to the process, and without years of experience you’re likely to end up with a warped frame or bad seal. Similar to the issues with DIY siding replacement, a failed window replacement eventually causes issues everywhere else – and it’ll cost you much more in the long run.

Again – leave window replacement jobs to the experts at an outfit like Lonestar Siding & Windows. This is what we do!

Sometimes Doing Things the Right Way Means Letting The Pros Do It

We said in the first edition of this blog series that your primary focus should be to make sure the job is done right – whether you’re doing it, or someone else is. That sentiment stands today. While you may be tempted to save a dime by doing it yourself, you’re much more likely to end up paying more by taking shortcuts.  Call the pros to get the big jobs done.

If we can help with your Siding or Window needs, give us a call at 804-266-1717, contact us online, or message us on Facebook. We’d be happy to assist your DIY efforts with some professional expertise and know-how.


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