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Lonestar Project Diary – The Grand Oaks Deck & Storm Room Job

Lonestar Project Diary – The Grand Oaks Deck & Storm Room Job

Welcome back to the Lonestar Project Diary! It’s been a while! It’s been a great year for Lonestar, and we’ve been really busy working with folks throughout Richmond on making their dream renovation a reality. We’re back though, because we really wanted to share this project with our readers, because this deck and storm room project was a great one!


As you know, if you’ve ever worked with Lonestar, we take great pride in our work. In our minds, there’s only one way to do the job – and that’s to do it right. We don’t believe in taking shortcuts or inventing cost-saving workarounds. Aside from the Lonestar Approach just being the right way to do business, it has some great secondary business effects… like referrals and repeat customers! The clients behind Grand Oaks Deck and Storm Room project fell into the latter!

Some time ago, we had completed a front porch project for this client. The project involved installing new railing and some light deck work… and they were thrilled with how it turned out!

This year, they were ready to tackle their back deck project to create a space that they could use all year ’round. We love getting calls from past customers with new projects they want to tackle.

Consultation, Analysis, and Propoal

We headed out to their house in Grand Oaks to meet with them and take a look at their current deck. We wanted the opportunity to discuss with the client what they had in mind. This is a crucial step!

The customer wanted to resurface one tier of their deck, and rebuild the other tier. They also wanted to have a gable-style roof built over the deck, with plans to enclose it with a storm wall system. This would give them the covered space they need to enjoy their back deck – not only on the hottest days of the summer, but all year-round.

Because the client was so prepared and had such a specific vision for their project, we were able to swiftly propose a plan!


Since they had worked with us before, there was a much shorter waiting time between proposal and acceptance. We got the signed contract back right away! Once the paperwork was done, the logistics came into play. We were almost ready to get to work when we realized a change needed to be made. We met with the homeowners and discussed the potential issues that we saw, which involved the resurfaced tier. We let them make the call on whether to keep the original plan in place, or make a change. They ended up seeing the value in the changes we suggested and signed an addendum to their original contract at the end of March.

Step 1: Getting Started on the Grand Oaks Deck and Storm Room Job

As we said above – we’ve been very busy! Summer is generally our busiest time of the year, and Lonestar has been hard at work with your neighbors throughout Central Virginia!

We were able to clear our project queue and start the Grand Oaks Deck and Storm Room project right at the end of May. With permits in hand, and plan in mind, and materials in tow… we got to work!

Step 2: Getting the Job Done

The first step was to demo both tiers of their deck. It was a complete tear down! Once we removed the old wood and structures, we moved into the construction phase – a full deck rebuild and renovation!

If you’re an avid reader of the Lonestar Project Diary, or have had work like this done on your house before, you know that this is a stage when unforeseen issues can pop up. We’re the best in the business at planning these projects with our customers, but we can’t control things like the weather! Fortunately… the weather was nice (and getting warmer by the day!), and, the new deck and roof began to take shape, with inspections completed along the way.

Step 3: Wrap Up

Without mother nature or any other external factors holding us up, we were able to efficiently and concisely complete this job! From demo to completion, the Grand Oaks Deck and Storm Room took about month to complete… and  the final product couldn’t have turned out any better!

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This was one of those projects that went super smooth from start to finish and the homeowners absolutely love the way it turned out.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the deck and storm room project we performed in Grand Oaks. If you’re interested in partnering with Lonestar to get a project like this done, get in touch! You can give us a ring at 804-266-1717, send us a message on Facebook, or head over to to our Free Quote page to get the ball rolling!


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