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Lonestar Project Diary – The Charlottesville Windows Job!

Lonestar Project Diary – The Charlottesville Windows Job!

Welcome back to the Lonestar Project Diary! This entry will detail one of our most recent projects: The Charlottesville Windows Job! Charlottesville is a city we are proud to be able to service, and we did a great job with this windows project. Keep reading!


The Charlottesville Windows job started all the way back in March of 2016. Like a lot of our business, this client was referred to us by one of their friends that we had worked with.

She had done a lot of the research already and decided on a style of windows she wanted. However, after meeting with one of their reps, she left uneasy about the whole thing. She couldn’t shake these feelings, and gave us a ring. She asked us to be the intermediary to make sure she was being completely taken care of, and we were glad to help! Obviously this is a little out of the norm for us… however, we agreed to meet with her to at least take a look at and discuss her project. We scheduled a time to meet with her later that week!


Needs Analysis

We knew going into the Charlottesville Windows job that we would not be able to leave her with an estimate on the spot because she wanted windows that we do not sell. We didn’t have pricing for these, but she was made aware of this ahead of time and was perfectly fine with it.

When we met with her, she was so impressed with our honesty and approach that Charlottesville Windows job quickly became a siding, windows, new front porch and new back door project! While we were there, we met with the customer and went over everything and took all necessary measurements.


After leaving the client, we knew one thing for sure: we had our work cut out for us! The first thing we had to do was get the pricing for the windows. We contacted the local rep she had met with to get a quote and took over where they had left off. Next, we got to work on coming up with quotes for all the rest of her projects. This took a little bit of back-and-forth with the customer, but we wanted to make sure we addressed everything she wanted to have done! On top of the rest of the projects she wanted us to take care of, she also wanted to rebuild her covered back porch and back deck with custom built railing, new front porch rail, and new gutters with gutter protection system.


By the time we got everything finalized with her and got all of her contracts signed it was near the end of April. She had contracted us to:

  • Purchase and install her new construction Andersen E-Series aluminum clad casement windows
  • Install all new James Hardie fiber cement siding
  • Build her a new front porch with new stair railing
  • Build her a new back porch and deck with 2 sets of steps and new custom railing
  • Install all new gutters and downspouts with a gutter cap system.

The client was really excited about getting all this work done. It was a huge project and she couldn’t wait to get started. Her home was about to get a whole new look!

Step 1: Getting Started

We weren’t able to start this very large project on time due to the damaging storms that blew through Richmond and Charlottesville to start the summer. However, we were finally able to get started around mid June.

It’s worth repeating: This wasn’t one of those quick 3-4 week projects! It was a tough job and would take a long time. The homeowner certainly appreciated all of the hard work. So much so, she fed our guys almost everyday! We won’t name any names, but someone ate an ice cream cone almost every single day while on the job! Although it seemed to take forever to finish this project, it was another of those very few jobs where everything went “silky smooth”.

Step 2: Getting the Job Done

We were faced with a few firsts during this project! It was the first time we were asked to step in and deal with a window rep for the customer. It was also the first time we were asked to build deck railing and a gate using cattle fencing… but it turned out great. The homeowner said that it looked just like something out of a magazine! It turned out exactly like the homeowner wanted and she couldn’t have been more thrilled.

She also had chosen a spearmint colored window and she ended up having us paint the window trim to match. We do not normally paint, but in this particular case, we didn’t want anyone else messing around with our custom window work! So, we painted the trim ourselves and installed it around the windows as we went. In the end, the whole house turned out looking amazing!

Step 3: Wrapping Up The Charlottesville Windows Job

This was a big one! it was the end of August by the time we wrapped everything up. With a product like HardiePlank siding, it needs to be installed properly in order to maintain its high quality and good looks. It’s simply something that we cant and won’t rush to install! This approach isn’t just for siding, either. We approach every job with a focus on precision and attention to detail. We take the time to get it right in all of our projects, from the porches we build with custom built railings, to the windows, to the trim work.

When we finally finished, she had built such a great relationship with all of us here at Lonestar that she was sad to see us go. She was happy to see the dumpster, debris, and all the other stuff go, but not our guys! She was so thrilled with our work and our crew that she tried to find even more work for us. The client asked if we could take care of her landscaping, move furniture around the house, and remodel her kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, we don’t do those types of jobs – we stick to what we’re good at!

Our guys were sad to finish this job up, but we all agreed: the final result looked amazing. We take great pride in how it turned out. The homeowners was thrilled when all was said and done!

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Thanks for reading about the Charlottesville Windows job!

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