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Lonestar Project Diary – Building a New Sunroom in Chester!

Lonestar Project Diary – Building a New Sunroom in Chester!

The Sunroom Job

Most houses are built to weather the elements as best they can, but even with the most rigorous of care,  over time, things will begin to fall apart and need repair or replacement. We received a call from a wonderful family in Chester that had run into just such a situation. They knew their old sunroom had issues – the roof had begun to leak, there were drafts and sealing issues that left the area moist, cold and virtually uncleanable, and as such, the family had begun to use the area as a junk room.

Consultation – Gathering Info and Generating a Free Quote

This sunroom job was the last on a laundry list of jobs this family had undertaken in the last year or so, and they were more than ready to begin. After arriving on the scene and scoping it out, we generated a free quote and discussed the contract. The family was more than excited to have us begin,  They spent the past several years improving other areas of their home but they were now ready to tackle this space to make it usable!

Step 1: Demolition

As the saying goes – sometimes you have to tear things down to build them back up. The first step in this renovation was to demo the majority of the standing sunroom structure. We removed their old windows/doors, walls and roof system. The homeowners were absolutely ecstatic when we discovered a surprise when we pulled up the old carpeting – an inlaid slate floor comprised part of the original sunroom floor! We love finding stuff like this. It’s extra value that you didn’t even know you had! We made note to alter our previous plans to include this wonderful discovery.

Step 2: New Installation

After a thorough cleanup, we were done with the demolition, and shifted our focus to installation. The first step in the rebuilding process was constructing some new roof framing components so that the new sunroom roof blended in perfectly with the main house roof. With this step complete, we then set about incorporating the new pre-fabricated sunroom walls and roof system. With new walls, windows, frames, and flooring in place, we installed roofing shingles on the sunroom that matched the rest of the house. We always like to make any new addition to our client’s home look as though it is an extension of the house rather than a “stuck-on”.

Step 3: Wrap Up

We were able to reuse the existing brick knee wall and fireplace, both of which add a lot of character to the space. We incorporated the slate floor surprise into our rebuilding plans, and it came out great! The new aesthetic we created while building this sunroom completely changed the look and feel of the space. To quote the client: “It’s amazing how much more open this room feels with more glass space and the new white ceiling!

Finishing the Sunroom Job

Every project presents its own challenges, discoveries, surprises and rewards – but it’s nothing like the shows you see on HGTV. While there certainly are extreme makeovers, Lonestar doesn’t believe in “the big reveal” at the end of the episode. After all, The Lonestar Approach means that if you’re not satisfied, the job’s not done – and we don’t require payment until the job is done. We consulted with the family during every step of the process, and using their feedback, we were able to build a Sunroom that, while totally different and brand new, felt like it belonged to our client’s home.

Contact Lonestar Siding and Windows

This job was an absolute blast, and both the Lonestar team and the clients were extremely happy with the end result. If you’d like to know more about Sunrooms by Lonestar , give us a ring at  804-554-3581 or contact us online. If you’d like to consider Lonestar for your Sunroom installation, we’d be happy to come out and provide you with a free quote!


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