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Lonestar Project Diary – The Bon Air HardiePlank and Windows Job!

Lonestar Project Diary – The Bon Air HardiePlank and Windows Job!

HardiePlankWelcome back to the Lonestar Project Diary! We hope you’ll enjoy our final entry for 2016, which will chronicle one of our most recent Windows and HardiePlank jobs in the Bon Air area! Read all about how Lonestar Siding and Windows, a HardiePlank preferred certified contractor, installs new windows, as well as this amazing fiber cement siding product on homes throughout the Richmond area.


A little backstory! We recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary in our new office location. A year ago, when we were going through all the stuff that comes with moving, we met the man that would eventually become our customer for the Bon Air Window and HardiePlank siding job. He is our leasing agent, and was a huge help in our search for a new headquarters. He did a great job for us, and after about 7 months, he stopped in because he knew we would return the favor!


We set up an appointment to meet with him at his home in Bon Air in early June to take a look at what needed to be done. He had had his masonite siding painted just a couple of years prior, and it was bubbling up all over the front. It looked terrible!

We discussed a few options, but he wasn’t sure right away which route he wanted to go, so we offered to send him a few different quotes. He also had questions about his windows. When we took a closer look at them we saw something we hadn’t ever seen before… Anderson windows. Anybody who has been in the business long enough has heard about AnderSEN windows, but never AnderSON! We listened to his concerns about the windows and what he was looking for. The only option for him was new construction windows versus pocket style replacement windows. When we left we had some work to do on getting him some pricing.

Choosing the Right Windows for the Bon Air Job

So, to paint this picture in color, we need to examine the difference between pocket style replacement windows and new construction windows. That’s a distinction that a lot of people don’t know about when thinking about new windows for their home.

Pocket Style Windows

Pocket style replacement windows are the most common and easy way to have your windows replaced. The old sashes and tracks are removed to allow a new frame with sashes to be inserted within the old window frame. Because we install these from the outside, the inside window trim remains intact and in most cases untouched for a very easy and seamless installation requiring no work afterwards for the homeowner.

New Construction Windows

New construction windows, on the other hand, are a whole different ball game. Installing these windows requires all interior trim to be removed in order to get the old window frame out completely. When doing this we try to reuse the old trim, but in most cases we need to add some filler trim or in some cases install all new interior trim. Any new trim that is installed needs to either be painted or stained afterwards. We leave that up to the homeowner to do after our work is complete. We are not painters, as we’ve said before we stick to doing what we do best!

There are few reasons to use new construction windows. The one that most homeowners want them for is the retention of glass space. When you install a new window frame within the old window frame (pocket style replacement windows) you end up with more frame and less glass. Another reason you may want to or need to use new construction windows is if you have old wood windows that have a lot of rot and just need to pull it all out and start fresh. If you have old vinyl or aluminum frame windows, then you don’t have a choice but to use new construction windows. This was the case in the Bon Air job!

Need Analysis

This particular customer had aluminum frame windows with wood sashes and so he had to go with new construction windows.


After meeting with the homeowner, our leasing agent, we got to work on getting the quotes worked up. We had gone over several siding material options and vinyl windows either with or without a custom wood interior.


There was some back and forth with him on the different products and he ultimately decided on James Hardie fiber cement siding and new construction all vinyl windows. After a few adjustments, we sent the final proposal to him in mid-August and received his signed contract back just a few days later.

Step 1: Getting Started

We ordered all the custom built windows and HardiePlank siding materials in early September, received them later that month, and were able to start the project in October.

This was not a cookie cutter house, so we knew it was going to take some time to complete. However, we didn’t realize it was going to take quite as long as it did! While trying to remove the old siding and trim, we quickly realized that the old material was installed using about 3 times as many nails as needed. This made removal take much longer than usual.

We got it done, and dove head first into the Bon Air job!

Step 2: Getting the Job Done

The windows were replaced as we went around the house installing the new HardiePlank siding and trim. One of the drawbacks to new construction windows is that we have to continually be in and out of the house. We need to have access to the inside constantly as we work from window to window – but that’s a small price for doing the job right! It’s not always about what’s easy or convenient. It’s best practice to replace the windows as you proceed with the siding installation.

Step 3: Wrapping Up The Bon Air Windows and HardiePlank Job

The Bon Air HardiePlank project was completed by mid-December and it turned out fantastic!

The homeowner couldn’t have been happier with the outcome, but he and his wife still have a lot of work to do. They have to stain all of the filler trim we had to install, but are also taking this opportunity to go ahead and re-stain the rest of the window trim.

They won’t have everything done before Christmas, but at least they will be able to enjoy their brand new siding and windows for the holidays and we can get started on the next job!

Get in Touch!

Thanks for reading this project diary entry about the Bon Air Windows and HardiePlank job!

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