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Lonestar Project Diary – Sean’s Big Job!

Lonestar Project Diary – Sean’s Big Job!

Sean’s Project: Roof Replacement,  Siding, Windows, Doors, Decking, and Stone Veneers!

This was a special project for us for a couple reasons. First, it was a huge one! The client had bought a fixer-upper and it needed a lot of work. However, this particular client knew better than most what he was getting into… and that brings us to the second reason: the client, Sean, is one of our very own! Sean works for Lonestar and we were happy to partner with him in getting his job done!

Consultation – Gathering Info and Generating a Free Quote

Since Sean is one of our own and knew how we did business, this was an easier consultation and quote process than most. That doesn’t mean we slacked on it though! After consulting with our guy Sean on this project, we got things squared away. Since Sean wanted hardboard siding, but did not want the maintenance associated with fiber cement siding, he opted for PVC siding with solid PVC trim. We collaborated and decided to use chose Prestige casement windows, ProVia entry doors, Timberline HD Ultra shingles, and Wolf Decking products. Finally, for the stone veneers on his chimney and porch, we chose Versetta Stone. Sean was obviously familiar with our level of quality and the quote/contract process, so this part got done almost immediately.

Step 1: Demolition

Sean got to work shortly thereafter! He cleared a bunch of trees out and did some landscaping before we got started on the house itself. The demo work was fairly standard; we had to pull off the old siding, roof shingles, windows, trim, and doors. We didn’t do it all at once because we didn’t want to drive Sean out of his home! As you can imagine, a home without a roof, window, or doors wouldn’t be all that comfortable to live in.

Step 2: New Installation

Piece-by-piece, we got the job done. Again; a fairly standard project that was only complicated by the amount of work we had to do and the the weather (some of the craziest and heaviest rain we’ve seen in years!). Other than that, the installation process was smooth as can be.

Step 3: Wrap Up

Once we were done with the roof, siding, windows, and doors,  Sean himself got to work on the deck, and did a great job. With all the other tasks complete, we were able to take care of the stone veneers on Sean’s chimney and porch. They came out great, as you can see in the photos below!

Finishing Sean’s Big Job

This was a big job, with a lot of steps and variables, and it took a while to complete. But, we took it step by step and got it done with the help of one of our guys! Sean and his family are thrilled with the finished product! Don’t just take our word for it – look at the work below!

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We were happy to partner with one of our own on this big job, and the results speak for themselves. We’d love to work with you next! Give us a call at 804-554-3581 or request a free quote, and we’ll get the process started!

See you on the next project diary!


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