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Installing Replacement Windows and Doors in the Winter…Can it be done?

New Window and Door Installation during the cold season

Every year as winter rolls in, we’re asked the question: Do you offer winter replacement windows service? Absolutely! Winter is actually a great time of year to consider having your windows replaced. The money you’ll save by having high-efficiency windows and doors installed is especially evident in the winter.

During the cold season, your household consumes more energy in order to maintain a comfortable temperature. Your old, inefficient windows and doors can easily leak the heat right out of your home – which means more money sent off to Dominion Virginia Power or more money spent on home heating oil! There are certainly special considerations that make the job a bit more complex when it’s cold outside. However, we’ve installed windows in hundreds of homes here in Richmond during the winter. The cold weather does make new window installation a bit trickier, though!

On those warm summer days, we can easily get in, properly and carefully replace your windows and doors, and get out the door. Unfortunately, the cold temperatures of winter don’t allow us quite the same luxuries! Our normal practice is to install just one or two windows at a time, in order to keep your house (and heat!) sealed in tight. This means that in the winter our installation process does take longer. We utilize the same method for new door installations during the winter as well. Instead of replacing them all at once, we’ll work on each door one-by-one, in order to minimize the impact of our work.

Even though our individual window or door installations might take longer, we will likely complete the whole project faster. Sounds counter intuitive, right? Winter is a slower season for contractors, so we have more time every day to work on your project.

There’s no need to continue to see your hard earned money going right out the window this winter! It’s a great idea to have your windows replaced during the colder season. You’ll not only increase the value of your home but also save money on your heating costs for years to come.

Learn more about our Winter Replacement Windows Service!

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