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Cedar and Portsmouth Shake Siding in Richmond Va

Cedar and Portsmouth Shake Siding can really enhance the curb appeal of your home! Lonestar proudly offers shake siding as one of our many replacement siding options. Learn more about shake siding below!

Thanks to a double-texturing process, exclusive to 8′ Long Length Cedar Shake, creates a richer, more realistic profile with a virtually seamless look that makes your design truly fascinating.

Portsmouth Cedar Shake Siding

The natural warmth and character of Portsmouth Cedar Shake provides that much-desired classic shake appeal. This conventional shingle style, when combined with stone and clapboard, delivers a stunning and inviting exterior that can change the pace of a design.


Weathered Portsmouth Cedar Shake Siding

The process of hand splitting shingles produces an enchanting, rustic texture in each individual piece. The rich, deeply ingrained surfaces of Hand-Split Portsmouth Shake are patterned from real split cedar. With the same authentic presence and intense shadows as hand-split wood, it provides immense dimension and gives a home an extremely interesting appearance.


 Portsmouth Staggered Shake Siding

Create unprecedented visual interest with Portsmouth Staggered Shake. Its varied appearance can add dimension, tie gables and other elements into your overall design, or provide a dramatic contrast to stone or clapboard. Staggered Shake can add impace by endowing your home the richness of real wood or unify it with a sense of simplicity.


Portsmouth Perfection Shake Siding

Portsmouth Perfection Shake can give you the look of homes found on the coast of New England without the costly maintenance associated with real wood. Its subtle grain provides a natural effect with nicely defined shadow lines.


Portsmouth Half Round Shake Siding

Portsmouth Shake Half Rounds are distinguishing exterior elements that give a home genuine appeal. From the simplets cottage to a grand Victorian masterpiece, these charming curved details are the perfect way to make your home stand out.

Portsmouth Shakes from Exterior Porfolio are available in colors to compliment any home.

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