carolina sands beaded siding

Carolina Sands Beaded Siding From Lonestar

Carolina Sands Beaded SidingBeaded siding has long been a signature of prestige for exquisite homes in the Carolinas and Virginia. Carolina Sands Beaded Siding is no different. Its authentic, handcrafted, wood appearance gives Carolina Sands a crisp, appealing silhouette that is as stunning from the curb as it is up close. Its attractive 6″ plank design matches the traditional width of fine, beaded wood siding, and best of all, Carolina Sands has been carefully designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while retaining its exceptional allure.

Carolina Sands is available in many gorgeous colors that keep their beauty year in and year out. Here’s a sample of the colors that could be on your home!


Wondering what Carolina Sands Beaded Siding will look like on your house? Take a look below at some samples and pictures of actual Richmond homes that Lonestar has installed Carolina Sands Beaded Siding on! As you can see, this siding looks beautiful when installed on your home.

At Lonestar Siding and Windows, we stand behind our work with no exceptions. Remember, we’re all about Home Exteriors Done Right. We only work with providers that feel the same way. Carolina Sands Beaded Siding provides a limited lifetime warranty (PDF) on all of their siding sold by Lonestar Siding & Windows. We trust them to provide the best possible quality products, and they trust us to install in perfectly. This mutual trust between us and our manufacturer means you’ll love the end result!

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