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Roof Replacement from Lonestar!

At Lonestar, we know that each and every home is so much more than just 4 walls and a roof. However, when that roof is in bad shape, it needs to be replaced immediately! Roof replacement services from Lonestar focuses on guaranteed high quality work using the highest quality materials. We do it all while making the entire experience as easy as possible for our clients. We call our approach to doing business the Lonestar Approach. It’s what sets us apart from other roof

Roof Replacement Services in the Richmond Area

Roof ReplacementIf you’ve noticed visible issues with your roof, or maybe even a leak in your roof, give us a call! We will happily take a look at your roof to determine whether or not your roof needs a replacement. If your roof is damaged, it will need to be replaced immediately to prevent costly damage to the rest of your house. Over time all roofs will sustain enough weathering and damage to warrant replacement. Roofs will generally need to be replaced every 20-50 years (depending on what materials are used.)

Unsure if your roof needs replacement? Take a look at our blog, “5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof”. If your roof exhibits any of these symptoms, it’s time to consider roof replacement options. Lonestar would be happy to help!

Roof Replacement Roof Replacement Roof Replacement

Proud to use GAF Materials for Roof Replacement

Roof ReplacementLonestar Siding and Windows proudly uses GAF materials for all of our roof replacement work. GAF is the industry leader in quality, durability, and cutting-edge roofing materials, and we are proud to be a GAF Certified Roofer. GAF is so confident in their products and our ability to install them, that they offer a limited lifetime warranty on any roofs replaced by Lonestar.

We demand the utmost in quality from each and every one of our suppliers, and GAF exceeds our expectations every time. Rest assured, Lonestar’s impeccable work coupled with these materials guarantees the best possible outcome for your roof replacement service.

What makes Roof Replacements from Lonestar Different

We do business differently then most roofing contractors. We call it the Lonestar Approach, but it’s far more than just a marketing slogan. We learned long ago that the best advertisement was a happy client, and that’s our main focus during every project. We do not use high pressure sales tactics. We charge fair prices. We execute your project within a timely manner. And we do it all while employing years of experience and only the highest quality materials. You’ll be ecstatic with our work, and we’re so sure of it that we do not require payment until the job is complete.

Let Lonestar be your Roof Contractor! Get a Free Quote on Roof Replacement!

To learn more about hiring Lonestar Siding and Windows to replace your roof, get in touch! Contact us online or call us directly at 804-266-1717 for a free quote! We’d love the opportunity to show you we’re not your everyday roofing contractors. We want to show you what we mean when we say that Lonestar is all about “Home Exteriors Done Right!”

  • The Lonestar Approach

    At Lonestar Siding and Windows, We take pride in not only the job we do, but how we do it. We don't believe in high pressure sales tactics, or unbalanced payment structures. It's the reason why almost every customer becomes a repeat customer. Head over to the Lonestar Approach page to learn more about what makes us more than just another siding contractor!

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