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Installing Replacement Windows and Doors in the Winter…Can it be done?

New Window and Door Installation during the cold season Every year as winter rolls in, we’re asked the question: Do you offer winter replacement windows service? Absolutely! Winter is actually a great time of year to consider having your windows replaced. The money you’ll save by having high-efficiency windows and doors installed is especially evident in the winter. During the … Continue reading

Winter Deck Care

Decks, by and large, remain forgotten and unused in the winter. After all, when the weather’s cold, you won’t be out catching rays, cooking up burgers, or enjoying the breeze on your deck. It is vitally important, however, to engage in a little winter deck care during the colder months. The majority of damage we see on decks will accumulate through the cold … Continue reading

Cleaning Window Screens Before Winter

We’re often get asked by our clients what they should do to protect and winterize their house during the warmer months. In the past, we’ve discussed how to protect your deck and your roof during bad and cold weather, and today we will discuss the important of cleaning your window screens before the snow starts to fall! When our clients fail … Continue reading

Lonestar’s Fall RE-blog!

Re-Projects for Fall!!! Leaves will soon start to fall here in Richmond, VA… and that can only mean one thing: fall is coming! We’ve got a list of some good home improvement projects for you to consider this fall that might make you a bit more cozy this winter, and a bit more ready for next spring! Redecorate When you … Continue reading

Lonestar Project Diary – The Brandermill Deck Project

Welcome back to the Lonestar Project Diary! This installment: the wonderful Brandermill Deck job! This was an amazing opportunity for us to remodel a gorgeous deck in Brandermill (which happens to overlook the lake). As you can tell from our Facebook posts and email, homeowners throughout Richmond and Charlottesville were calling us like crazy to talk about new decks, porches … Continue reading

Lonestar Project Diary – The Grand Oaks Deck & Storm Room Job

Welcome back to the Lonestar Project Diary! It’s been a while! It’s been a great year for Lonestar, and we’ve been really busy working with folks throughout Richmond on making their dream renovation a reality. We’re back though, because we really wanted to share this project with our readers, because this deck and storm room project was a great one! … Continue reading

A Heat Wave Approaches! Hide Your Wallet!

In the coming months, the hottest temperatures of the year will bake the east coast. We’re talking about the kind of heat that can cause damage – to people, to houses, and most commonly… to your wallet! We’ve got some tips for beating this heat, though, without beating up your wallet! Beat the Summer Heat! Keep it cool with the … Continue reading

Lonestar Project Diary – The Pergola Job!

Welcome back to the Lonestar Project Diary! This entry will cover the construction of a pergola by Lonestar. We’re very proud of the job we did, and the customer loved it! Keep reading if you’re interested in how we got the job done. Consultation – Needs Analysis, Proposal, Acceptance After reaching out to us in mid-May of 2016, we headed out … Continue reading

Retractable Awnings

Summer’s not quite here yet… but it will be soon, and if you’re like us, you’ll want to spend as much time as you can out on your deck this year! Sometimes that’s easier said then done, though… because of the heat! If you weren’t able to spend much time on your deck last year because of the blistering sun … Continue reading

Home Improvement: Best Ways to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

As spring arrives, many more people are thinking of selling their homes. Some want to upgrade to bigger homes, others want smaller homes with less maintenance required. As home prices rise, you need to make sure you have the home improvements to fetch the best price possible. There are certain things you can do to increase the resale value of … Continue reading

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