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The Lonestar Project Diary

Welcome to the Lonestar Project Diary!

We want to do more than tell you how good of a job we can do – we want to show you! The Lonestar Project Diary will showcase a project from start to finish, detailing each step along the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get to work! Check out our Project Diary!

Siding Projects

Lonestar has been replacing siding on homes throughout the Richmond area for decades now, and it’s one of the things we are most well known for. We’ve earned a reputation for unparalleled excellence in siding replacement through no small amount of hard work. Take a look at some of the siding replacement projects we’ve undertaken recently, and you’ll see why we are the Richmond area’s most trusted siding replacement contractors!

The Chesterfield Siding Replacement Job (Winter 2015)
The Chesterfield Siding Replacement JobWe’re excited to share the details about another solid Chesterfield Siding Replacement Job we completed recently! As is often the case, Lonestar Siding and Windows had some competition! A handful of siding contractors in Richmond vying for the privilege earn this business. At the end of the day, our reputation for quality siding installations and our honest approach upfront helped us earn the contract… Read on!

The “Silky Smooth” Siding and Deck Replacement Job (Winter 2015)
IMG_3961On some replacement projects, we encounter damage that the client didn’t know about before we started. On others, we battle old construction that we need to bring up to code. Still on other projects, we end up repairing DIY or “bubba in a truck” contractor work before we can get started.

That being said, every now and again we’ll take on a project that goes exactly as expected… and this project diary relates to a deck and siding replacement job that we rolled through so easily, our fearless owner Greg said it was “Silky Smooth!”… Read on!

The Wyndham Siding Replacement Job (Spring 2015)
Project DiaryYou’ve undoubtedly heard the cliche “everyone makes mistakes”… and unfortunately in the case of our Wyndham Siding Replacement Project, that phrase included contractors. Once every couple of years, we’ll come across an issue that we could have avoided (though never in our craftsmanship!). We’ve been doing this for decades and have earned through hard work … Read on!

The Bowling Green Replacement Siding Job (Spring 2015)
project diary bowling greenWe’ve got another great entry that recounts a siding replacement job we took on earlier this year. From start to finish, this job was anything but ordinary! Faced with a century-plus old farmhouse, hazardous materials, a looming deadline, and a close call with man’s best friend, this was one of our more memorable jobs this year!… Read on!

Another Solid Chesterfield Siding Replacement Project (Winter 2016)!

We’re excited to share the details about another solid Chesterfield Siding Replacement Job we completed recently! As is often the case, Lonestar Siding and Windows had some competition! A handful of siding contractors in Richmond vying for the privilege earn this business. At the end of the day, our reputation for quality siding installations and our honest approach upfront helped us earn the … Read on!

The Bon Air Hardieplank and Windows Job (Winter 2016)

A little backstory! We recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary in our new office location. A year ago, when we were going through all the stuff that comes with moving, we met the man that would eventually become our customer for the Bon Air Window and HardiePlank siding job. He is our leasing agent, and was a huge help in our search for a new headquarters. He did a great job for us, and after about 7 months, he stopped in because he knew we would return the favor!… Read on!

Deck Projects

Lonestar isn’t just siding and windows… we are complete home exterior experts! Our dedication to quality and approach to building new decks and replacing old decks has earned us the reputation as one of the best in Central Virginia. Check out the Replacement deck diaries below to learn more about our decking services!

The Cumaru Replacement Deck Project (Spring 2015)

project diary cumaruLonestar has been installing beautiful custom built decks in the Richmond area for decades now, and we’re always excited to work with new materials… in this case, the exotic amazonian Cumaru wood!

Cumaru is an exotic hardwood from the Amazon in South America. It is an extremely dense, remarkably hard, and naturally beautiful wood that has a lifespan of 50 years,… Read on!

The “Silky Smooth” Deck and Siding Replacement Job (Winter 2016)

The “Silky Smooth” Deck and Siding Replacement Job! Part of any big home exterior project is tackling the unforeseen obstacles. On nearly every project, we encounter some kind of hitch or road-block that we must overcome in order to deliver the best possible install for our client. On some replacement projects, we encounter damage that the client didn’t know about before we started. On others, …Read on!

The Bumpass Deck Replacement Job (Spring 2016)!

We are thrilled to share our most recent project diary with you! We’re calling it the “Bumpass Deck Replacement Job!” Quite often, our customers call us for one specific exterior project and end up choosing Lonestar for several different things. Sometimes this happens over time, and sometimes we take several improvements on at once! In one of our most recent projects, … Read on!

The Grand Oaks Deck & Storm Room Job (Spring 2017)

It’s been a while! It’s been a great year for Lonestar, and we’ve been really busy working with folks throughout Richmond on making their dream renovation a reality. We’re back though, because we really wanted to share this project with our readers, because this deck and storm room project was a great one … Read on!

The Brandermill Deck Project (Summer 2017)

As you can tell from our Facebook posts and email, homeowners throughout Richmond and Charlottesville were calling us like crazy to talk about new decks, porches and sun-rooms. We are proud of our growing reputation for top quality installations of these sorts of exterior projects, and welcome the opportunity to speak with you should you see fit! Now… on to the project!… Read on!

Replacement Window Projects

Lonestar’s been Richmond’s most trusted replacement windows contractor for decades, and we are proud of that reputation. In fact, most of our replacement windows clients are either referrals or repeat customers! We’d like to show you why our customers are so happy with the job we do for them, and what we mean when we say Lonestar means “Home Exteriors Done Right!”

The Salisbury Job, Part I (Winter 2015)project diary salisbury
We arrived on the scene at a beautiful Salisbury home to take a look at our client’s current windows. He was looking to have his windows renovated or replaced before he put his house on the market. We noticed a ton of issues at first glance, and a thorough window-by-window examination confirmed that this would be a whole-home window replacement job. Read on!

project diary salisburyThe Salisbury Job, Part II (Winter 2015)
We headed back out to our client Bob’s house in Salisbury a few weeks after our initial window replacement estimate, in order to get his new windows installed before spring. Bob told us at our initial consultation that he planned to put his home on the market sometime in the next year, and that replacing his old, drafty, rotten looking windows with new, energy efficient replacement windows was at the top of his “to do” list Read on!

The Goochland Garden Window Job (Spring 2014)
Project Diary bay windowWe received a call from one of our past clients about coming out to Goochland to take a look at their kitchen window. They were interested in opening up the room a bit and creating a sun-drenched space where they could grow some indoor plants. Right off the bat, we knew that the additional space and sun-room effect of a garden window would be a perfect recommendation for these repeat customers. What we didn’t know was how “big” of a job it would end up being for our window installation crew! Read on!

The Charlottesville Windows Job (Spring 2016)

The Charlottesville Windows job started all the way back in March of 2016.  Like a lot of our business, this client was referred to us by one of their friends that we had worked with.

She had done a lot of the research already and decided on a style of windows she wanted. However, after meeting with one of their reps, she left uneasy about the whole thing. She couldn’t shake these feelings, and gave us a ring. She asked us to be the intermediary to make sure she was being completely taken care of, and we were glad to help! Obviously this is a little out of the norm for us… however, we agreed to meet with her to at least take a look at and discuss her project. We scheduled a time to meet with her later that week!… Read on!

Sunroom Projects

In 2013, Lonestar expanded our scope of capabilities and began building beautiful sunrooms throughout the Richmond area. Sunrooms are an excellent addition to any home, and one of the most popular rooms in the house for relaxation. Take a look at Lonestar’s sunroom building process in the project diary below and learn why we are so much more than just a siding and windows contractor!

The Chester Sunroom Job (Spring 2014)project diary sunroom job
Over time, even with proper care, parts of your house will need repair or replacement. We received a request to come out and take a look at a sunroom in Chester, and noticed immediately that father time and mother nature had taken their toll. We conferred with the family and got to work, and shortly thereafter made a special discovery during the demolition process! Read on!


Pergola Projects

Pergolas are the perfect blend of form and function, and Lonestar is the premier pergola installer in Central Virginia. Take a look at some of our pergola projects!

The Beautiful Pergola Job (Summer 2016)

After reaching out to us in mid-May of 2016, we headed out to our client to perform our initial consultation. He had a very clear idea of what he had in mind… he wanted a brand new pergola built onto his house! He sent over pictures of the working area and fully described the plans, so when we headed over there later that week, generating a quote for him was a breeze!… Read on!

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